Judas Companion's garments have gone through metamorphosis. The construction and deconstruction, preservation and annihilation of the debris created by over-production, consumerism and wastefulness is the main impetus for Judas to create clothes. They are the product of a transformed identity - up-cycled, remodeled and remade from a former existence. The basis of the making process are used items - collected, found, donated and disposed - pieces from all fields of manufactured textiles, gathered together in Judas Companion's London studio. By unpicking its seams by hand, the material becomes disconnected from its former use and purpose, yet retains its traces within the material. The variety of shape, colour, texture and size – depending on the items available - determines the design of new garments. The process of creation is reactive and the reproducibility of a garment is limited. Therefore all of Judas Companion's pieces are one-of-a-kind.

For her recent collection REMAKE-REMODEL, Judas Companion worked solely with natural materials such as leather, wool and felt. To create a piece like the “couch dungaree”, Judas re-functioned a 30 year old leather sofa found in a household in West Germany. Due to its profitability, the sofa became the main source for the recent collection and appears in the pocket coat as well as in the 8 ½ jacket.

In her artworks, Judas recently started working with semi-functional exoskeletons to enact the human whilst going through processes of transformations. Her fashion collection presents pieces that have been transformed, remodeled and re-functioned, characterised by marks and asymmetry that give notion of their life in the past.

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